After having quadruplets, this Ohio mother goes public with her absolutely insane hospital bills.  You won't believe it.

Hanna Castle is a young mother from Columbus, Ohio.  In 2021 Hanna gave birth to 4 premature babies.  She had her quadruplets at 28 weeks which is 3 months earlier than expected.  Since her four babies were so early, they were admitted to the Neonatal intensive care unit.  The babies had different lengths of stay depending on their condition.  The baby's time in the NICU ranged from 2 - 5 months.  That is a long time to not have your babies at home.  It's also a long time to pay for care, as we learned from Hanna's viral TikTok.

Castle sheds light on how much it costs to have a premature baby in America in a TikTok that has been viewed over 8.2 million times.  Important note: That over $4 million price tag doesn't count the delivery of the 4 babies.  That's just the NICU costs.

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In a country that no longer gives women the right to choose in several states, they could be hit with millions of dollars in hospital bills if they have their babies prematurely.  The good news is Ohio Medicaid covered the $4 million and 46 thousand dollar tab.

Good Morning America spoke with Hanna Castle about preparing for a costly birth ahead of time,

the 24-year-old mom said she and her husband Nic Castle made major life changes to financially prepare as much as they could, including quitting her job to qualify and enroll in Medicaid and enlisting her mom to help.

Hanna currently has nearly half a million followers on TikTok where she chronicles her adventures as a mother of quadruplets.


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