An Ohio man documented the pros and cons of eating nothing but Costco hot dogs for a week and the results are surprising.

A guy that goes by Sir Yacht @siryacht on IG has been on a strange diet journey with his 112 thousand followers.  For the last 7 days, he ate nothing but Costco Hot Dog meals.  29 of them to be exact. In his recent update video, he broke down the numbers.  Sir Yacht said that the average millennial spends $164.82 for 7 days worth of meals while he only spent $43.50.  He claims that he also lost 4.2 pounds in 7 days.  Losing over half a pound a day is pretty surprising.  Speaking of surprises, he said that he loved every minute of it,

To my surprise, I never got sick of eating hot dogs once.


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The Costco Hot Dog Meal Experiment Summary

After eating nothing but Costco Hot Dog Meals for 7 straight days he spent a fraction of the money he would have spent on food otherwise and lost a little over 4 pounds in 7 days.

He also stated something very important in the description of the video:

Note: this is not diet advice. This is just me making content. I do not recommend anybody attempt this!

It is worth noting that by consuming nothing but hot dogs and pop, your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to thrive.  This might have worked in the short term for weight loss and cost savings, but this is not a lifestyle change anyone should seriously consider.  Not to mention, do you know what's in hot dogs?  Yikes.

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