Get ready to fly high in Allegan!

On Saturday morning a friend took me to have lining! I am deathly afraid of heights, but I decided to be brave and try something new...soaring over the Kalamazoo River and facing a fear.

I took on the challenge and was blown away with the beauty of flying over the water! I was scared beyond belief, but literally took the leap and zipped across the water. In full disclosure, I must admit that I peed my pants in fright, but it was totally worth it! We went through Allegan Events and it was amazing! Here is what others have to say...

Beth C. commented on

Location, location, location. What a beautiful spot for zipping over the water. The staff is amazing and does a great job of making newcomers feel comfortable and ensuring people know how to ride safely.

Skyler stated on

The zipline was amazing. Going over the water was a great setting for the line! The staff was phenomenal. The multiple checks that they do before each pass for each participant is amazing. For those that are nervous, they are great cheerleaders!

Enrique M claimed on

What a great time!  Gliding across the Kalamazoo River was loads of fun, and something I would do again in a minute.

Dolled up and ready to zip...

It is higher then you think...

Look what you get to fly over...

Just a short drive down the road, and a great thing to check off your bucket list!


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