Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's something to the ideology that gems, minerals, and crystals are healing-- but that's not why I like them. I just have an attraction to shiny, pretty rocks!

I am by no means a "rockhound" but I do often come home from a day at Lake Michigan with a ton of rocks in my beach bag. I even recently attended a gem and mineral show in Holland and was astounded by how many like-minded folks there are here in West Michigan.

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Minerals in Michigan

Though not technically the same I tend to use the terms rocks, gems, and minerals interchangeably. However rocks are composed primarily of grains of minerals, minerals are naturally occurring chemical compounds, and gems are precious or semi-precious stones. Got it?

Michigan is home to several unique minerals and rocks including shigaite, the Petoskey stone, and Yooperlites.


Gem and Mineral Shops

Because I have a fascination with shiny rocks, I've come up with a list of several stores that I've been wanting to check out and explore their rock selection. Maybe you, or someone you know, would get a kick out of this too! Local rock shops include:

GeoScape Rock Shop - Paw Paw

Boasting unique rocks, minerals, fossils, and more from all over the world, this Paw Paw-based shop is currently undergoing a remodel but is open throughout the process. You'll find items big and small, perfect to add some pizzazz to your garden or some much-needed serenity at your office desk.

They even recently acquired a location in Ann Arbor. Find their store hours here.

Rockhound Rock Shop - Galesburg

Billed as "Michigan's Largest Rock Shop" at this Galesburg store you'll find cases upon cases filled with gems and minerals-- three buildings worth to be exact! They've also got a wide selection of books, rock tumblers, tapestries, aromatherapy, and incense for all your metaphysical needs!

You can even crack your own geode or pan for gems while you're there. Find hours and location here.

Rock-N-Horse Rock Shop - Allegan

I hate to admit this, but in all my years of living in Allegan I have never set foot in this shop and I don't know why! It's got everything I like: antiques, rocks, gems, and collectibles. After purchasing the inventory of a rock shop lapidary in 2015 Rock-N-Horse offers a selection of petrified wood, jasper, obsidian, opal, moonstone, and more.

Open Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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