When I tell you that I almost spit out my drink as I overheard my boyfriend exclaim that this was happening in Michigan...I'm not exaggerating.

It has been announced that certain Michigan marijuana companies will be offering free, pre-rolled joints to those who receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Coming from Florida, where in my town the legality of marijuana is complicated at best, the idea of rewarding people with free joints is absolutely hilarious to me. And genius, if I'm being honest. Especially considering that, earlier this year, a survey suggested that Michiganders were smoking more weed than any other state during the pandemic.

As reported by Click on Detroit, The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is teaming up with UBaked Cannabis Company to offer these free pre-rolled joints to those who can prove that they've received the Covid-19 Vaccine. They've appropriately named the promotion Pots for Shots which will begin this Friday, January 22nd and will run through February 28th. No purchase will be necessary. A round of applause to whomever came up with that slogan, though.

Now, the bummer for those in SW Michigan who want to participate is that The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is, you guessed it, located at Wall Lake which is about two hours away if you're traveling from Kalamazoo. Will it inspire other dispensaries and companies to adopt a similar promotion? Maybe. But, based on my very limited time in Michigan, here's a list of other things I think you could offer Michiganders to encourage them to participate in receiving the vaccine:

  1. A year's supply of Vernors. After all, I've been told 100 times that THIS is what I need to drink if I ever get sick.
  2. A real Coney Dog...or several of them. (not to be confused with a plain ol' chili dog)
  3. A paid weekend trip to Mackinac Island with some complimentary fudge
  4. Actual left turn lanes so we can move past this very confusing "Michigan left turn"
  5. A wardrobe makeover with all Carhart gear
  6. A Lion's Win (I don't know how they could promise this...but I know people want it)
  7. Ten pounds of Sanders' Chocolate Covered Sea Salted Caramels. (Okay...this one is just for me. I tried them last week and could not stop eating them.)

Please note the above list is based entirely on my opinions and what people have repeatedly said to me since I moved to Michigan. 😆

If you'd like more information you can visit The Greenhouse of Walled Lake's website here.

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