If you are of a certain age you probably remember your local video store being the place to be on Friday nights!

Every Friday we would all load into the car and head over to the video store, in Allegan it was Movies & More!, where we would carefully comb through rows and rows of VHS tapes to craft the perfect feature film line-up to keep us informed and entertained throughout the weekend.

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First it was VHS, then it was DVDs and Blu-Rays, and now? It's nothing! 

Video stores don't even exist anymore now that everything is streaming online. In fact, Netflix just made headlines as they wrapped up their original business model and sent out their last DVD rentals by mail after 25 years.

But remember, before there was Netflix or the now-closed chain of Family Video stores, there was Blockbuster.

Take a Movie, Leave a Movie

As part of a national movement to reignite the public's passion for physical media the iconic old Regent Theatre in downtown Allegan announced they've joined the "Free Blockbuster" movement.

Essentially, it's like one of those free neighborhood libraries that you see popping up around town-- but with movies.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A press release from the City of Allegan says,

Film-lovers in West Michigan can now “make it one of those nights” by experiencing a blast from the past with the new Free Blockbuster debuting in Downtown Allegan. Housed in the historic Regent Theatre, the concept is simple – take a movie, leave a movie...This piece of nostalgia is part of a larger movement, with Free Blockbusters popping up throughout the United States

Think about it-- a movie that you leave behind could leave a last impression on someone else's movie tastes; your movie might be someone's future favorite movie!

Blockbuster Targets Hispanic Market With Spanish-Language Movies
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The Free Blockbuster library will be located in the lobby of the Regent Theatre at 211 Trowbridge Street in downtown Allegan. Free Blockbuster will make its debut on October 14th during the screening of the horror film V/H/S as part of the theatre's annual Shocktober! film series.

Adds The Regent,

The box will be located inside the lobby and will be available whenever the movie theater is open. Don’t forget to take home some popcorn and candy!

You can follow along on Instagram at @freeblockbusterallegan to learn more.

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