When you have a planetarium, I guess it's expected you be all over a big solar eclipse. And the Kalamazoo Valley Museum will do just that on Monday, August 21st. The KVM has four things planned for the big day .

From the Kalamazoo Valley Museum:

It’s not often that people can see a solar eclipse in Michigan.  On August 21, the sun’s light will be blocked by the moon, allowing most people within the United States the opportunity to see either a partial or total eclipse depending on a viewer’s location.  In Kalamazoo, about 83 percent of the sun’s light will be blocked at mid-eclipse, occurring at 2:23 p.m. People living within a narrow band stretching from Oregon to South Carolina will see the sun totally eclipsed for nearly two and a half minutes, as the sky darkens enough to view bright planets and stars.

Here's the schedule for August 21st's Solar Eclipse:

Inside the Mary Jane Stryker Theatre, there will be NASA's Mega-Cast continuous coverage of the eclipse  with a live feed from 11:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

In the KVM Planetarium, there will be two presentations of Eclipse 2017; at 11:45am and at 12:30 pm.

And in the Courtyard Commons area south of the Museum, there will be staff helping folks safely view the eclipse both in the directly and indirectly. (Don't try and look at the eclipse directly, or you will burn your eyeballs. The staff has training to attempt it safely.)

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