🎵 On the first day of Christmas my brew love gave to meeeeee....🎵

Be thankful you just had to read that instead of hearing me sing it at the top of my lungs.

Founders Brewing Co has announced their first ever holiday advent calendar with 24 different kinds of beer. And these won't be just typical beers. According to their Instagram post, it will be,

A smattering of rarities, limited and barrel-aged surprises.

I don't know why the word 'smattering' makes everything sound delectable, but it does. Especially for those beer lovers in your life. You can see the post below.

Here's how it's going to work so pay close attention.

  • Of course, there will be a limited number of advent calendars available for purchase.
  • They'll be released on November 25th (that's this Wednesday) at exactly 11am and you will have to call to purchase it.
  • No online orders will be offered nor will any pre-orders be offered
  • It's limited to one per person
  • It'll cost you $150

At first, my...we'll call it frugality, made me scoff at the price but considering what you're getting it's not a bad deal. After all, rarities and limited, barrel-aged products generally cost about, what, $8-$10 per beer? At least that's my very limited educated guess thanks to my past as a bartender. So, you're still getting a great deal. And, if you're like me and absolutely dread buying gifts because you're terrible at it, this seems like an easy gift for any beer drinker.

If you're looking to purchase the Founders Brewing Co advent calendar make sure you set your alarm. I have no doubt that these will sell out quickly.

That number to call: 313-335-3431

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