By now you know what's going on in Flint with the lead- contaminated water.  The "finger-pointing" and "blame-game' continues because, well, that's what people do these days.  what is getting lost in all of that is the effort being made to bring the basic necessity of water to the families in Flint.  Here's the latest...

Nearly 5,000 Flint Homes Visited Today by Water Response Teams

Today, the water response teams distributed resources to nearly 5,000 Flint homes providing residents with free bottled water, filters, replacement cartridges and water testing kits.

To date, more than 16,300 homes have been visited by the water response teams, comprised of local and state personnel, American Red Cross and volunteers.

Resources and efforts continue to expand with more volunteers and additional National Guard members. By tomorrow, approximately 70 National Guard members will be stationed in Flint to hand out water resources at fire stations, which is more than double the current commitment.

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who continue to turn out to support this operation,” stated Capt. Chris Kelenske, deputy state director of emergency management and homeland security and commander of the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division.  “As we continue to streamline and improve our distribution system, we’re able to reach more homes; visiting almost 1,000 more residences today than yesterday.”

Since January 9, the following resources have been distributed to residents, both at the water resource sites and by the water response teams, in addition to donations:

More than 26,500 cases of water More than 50,200 water filters More than 4,700 water testing kits.

The State of Michigan has purchased the following resources, since January 5, which will continue to be delivered to Flint over the coming days:

  • Nearly 57,500 cases of water
  • More than 108,500 filters
  • Nearly 29,000 water testing kits

For more information contact: Joint Information Center:    

888-EMD-TODAY (888-363-8632)

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