It's lit. That's all I can say about what is happening at Flint City Council meetings. I don't know if this is a regular thing that happens at these meetings, but I'm highly interested in making the drive to see these happenings in person. A video surfaced on Facebook with footage from a recent Flint City Council Meeting, with the obnoxious occurrences in all happening in row. First a lawyer representing someone from the city wouldn't answer questions from Councilman Mays which caused him to get a little riled up and basically told them to "go-on" with that mess, after the lawyer chose not to answer, and walked out of the room. The lawyer came back in and got in the officials face saying he would "crack him over the head," because the Councilman disrespected him by asking him to speak into the mic so the public could hear him.

The next lady who was brought up to discuss water fund and water leans, was the acting Chief Financial Officer, and she came up to the microphone and came straight away with the rudeness and the attitude, before interrupting one of the officials with, "Can you just ask the question?" while being questioned about her being unprepared for the discussion. She then walked out.

Then on top of all of that, some random dude came walking up and, mind you I'm not accusing him of being a crackhead, gave a very "crackhead" like rant which, as I've watched it 6 times now, still can't figure out what his complaint was. It's amazing. Flint is lit right now. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.