With things starting to ease up a bit and somewhat returning to normal, we're seeing people start to open new and exciting businesses in Kalamazoo, including a new coffee shop that will be taking over what used to be an old fast food restaurant located on West Main. Five Lakes Coffee Shop was actually born in Sturgis, MI and was the brainchild of brothers Jared & Paul Smith. Formerly known as Great lakes Coffee, the brothers re-branded back in 2018, and have multiple locations throughout Indiana and Michigan.

The Kalamazoo location at 2026 W. Main St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006 will actually be the second Michigan location outside of their headquarter location at 100 W. Chicago Rd. Sturgis, MI 49091. They're currently in the process of collecting applications for the new Kalamazoo location, as this is one of the recent openings we've seen, along with the Crafty Crab on Gull Rd and the new vintage shop Kalamazoo Pickers.

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As you can see in the photo above, the building has made quite the transformation from it's previous state. Here's what we know about Five Lakes so far:

When Will They Open?

They have yet to make an official opening date but the banner outside said they'll be opening soon and their website expects it will before the end of the year.

What Do They Specialize In?

They serve hot and iced mochas, lattes, and espressos and have different kinds of baked goods for sale including scones, bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies and more. The full menu can be viewed here.

Kalamazoo Woman's Maternity Shoot At The Root Beer Stand

The shoot started out as a joke kinda like "wouldn't it be funny if we did a maternity session here at The Root Beer Stand?" Then the more I thought about it I was like okay we are going to make this happen. 

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