Many residents in Michigan and Ohio enjoy the convenience of bottled water to ensure we get enough of it in our daily diet. But check your stash for a bottled water brand sold in Michigan and Ohio that's been recalled containing highly toxic bacteria.


Millions Of Toxic Water Bottles Recalled, MI And OH Impacted

According to the FDA, a voluntary recall of 78,533 cases (approximately 1.9 million bottles) of water was initiated due to testing that found manganese and three other bacteria in some water samples. The National Institutes Of Health says "Some people have developed manganese toxicity by consuming water containing very high levels of manganese". The voluntary recall was initiated by Natural Waters of Viti Limited and affects the following products:

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The recall affects Fiji Water sold on from February 1, 2024, through March 3, 2024, with the following information:

Fiji Natural Artesian Water 500 mL (24 pack)
Case UPC Code: 6 32565 00004 3
Bottle UPC Code: 6 32565 00001 2
Dates: Nov. 11, 2023, Nov. 12, 2023, Nov. 13, 2023, Nov. 24, 2023, Nov. 25, 2023

Photos courtesy of Fiji/Canva
Photos courtesy of Fiji/Canva

According to the FDA, the voluntary recall was initiated on March 4 and is ongoing. The recall is categorized as a Class III and the product “is not likely to cause adverse health consequences.” A spokesperson for the company tells USA Today:

"The affected products were immediately and voluntarily recalled, with 99% of affected bottles reclaimed from warehouses and the remainder in warehouses to be returned"

Customers who have the product can contact Fiji Water at 1-866-406-4149 for a refund and are encouraged to throw the product away.

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