I remember when I got my first car. The first thing I wanted to do, besides put in an awesome stereo, was change out the exhaust. I wanted people five blocks away to know I was coming, and people on the highway to hear me before the cops.

For a lot of people, putting loud, performance exhausts on their vehicles is a very trendy, and cool upgrade, and for gearheads, it can make the hair on your arm stand up. But for others, it's a huge nuisance, and in Michigan, your loud exhaust could now land you with a big fine.

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Many Michigan drivers aren't exactly happy about a new law that lawmakers are debating in Lansing that could cap the amount of noise drivers can legally make with their cars exhaust systems.

Some communities already have similar laws in place. Between certain hours, noise levels are set at a certain decibel limit, and some even enforce it 24/7. But that's only with some HOAs and local governments in the communities. When it comes to city and state road laws, there aren't any noise laws on the books.

But Lansing is aiming to change that, as state lawmakers are considering a $1,500 fine for loud cars on all of the state's roads, including highways.

Lawmakers say they have filed complaints on behalf of their constituents regarding car noise, and said not only is this a law they'd like to see in place for common courtesy, but for health purposes too.

State Rep. Natalie Price, who is sponsor for the bill explains:

"These modified exhaust systems with excessive noise are really harming folks that live in the communities. I think there is a great way to come out and enjoy appreciation for car culture without modifying your vehicle."

Well, car enthusiasts beg to differ, and are actively fighting the proposed law, specifically citing the motorcycle culture, where many stock motorcycles have exhausts that are much louder than many of the modified systems put on cars these days.

The law hasn't been passed, and is still under consideration, but if you do have concerns, and would like to voice them, contact your local state representative soon.

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