Open any fridge-- kitchen, garage, or otherwise-- in any Michigan household and you're all but guaranteed to find a hoard of pop cans like Faygo, Vernors, or both inside.

Not only is each pop practically synonymous with Michigan, but they each hold a special place in our state's history. However, if you could only choose one, which should be considered as Michigan's official state drink?

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Do Other States Have Official Drinks?

In fact, they do!

Believe it or not 28 states, in addition to 2 U.S. territories, have designated an official state beverage. Ohio was the first to do it, declaring tomato juice as their official state drink in 1965. Today 22 states claim milk to be their official beverage-- boring!

Faygo vs. Vernors

According to CBS Detroit, there's currently a petition pushing for Faygo to become the official state drink of Michigan. Says the petition,

Faygo is known for its unique flavor combinations and its affordability, which made it popular among working-class families in Detroit and other urban areas. Today, Faygo is a staple of the Detroit area and has a strong following among fans of the brand and the hip-hop community.

Of course, you can't mention Faygo without bringing up the Insane Clown Posse! The Detroit-based hip-hop group is famous for spraying their audience's with Faygo, helping to bring the Michigan-made pop to households across the U.S.

However, in my opinion, Vernors should get the distinct honor of being named Michigan's official state drink! Having been invented by pharmacist James Vernor at his Detroit drug store in 1866 it's recognized as the oldest soda in America. Case closed in my book!

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