Faygo pop has for a long time now been the choice pop for a lot of people. The appeal is that it's much cheaper than major brand names, but just as good, if not better in some people's minds. Their wide variety of pop choices has kept them relevant for many years, but so has something else. In the early 1990's during a performance by Detroit's Insane Clown Posse, member Violent J threw an open bottle at a row of hecklers, with the crowd going crazy, which resulted in the group continuing to spray their audiences with hundreds of Faygo bottles every show.

ICP for years has shown love to Faygo through song lyrics and the continued purchase of their pop for their live shows, which has easily contributed to millions of dollars worth of sales. However recently, somebody on Faygo's social team slipped up and now they're paying the price. In a recent and altered post, they posted a picture of artist Dan RarRi holding Faygo, with the caption saying they were "Two legends." The issue with that is that they've never shown the Insane Clown Posse any kind of serious recognition like that, and they've done more than enough to deserve it. The beverage company later claimed that they wouldn’t post anything about ICP or any artist because they claim not to endorse any artist, which clearly contradicted themselves.

Now anytime Faygo posts any kind of picture, they get flooded with memes, gifs, and comments about ICP. You can take a look at any feed and see that Juggalos won't rest until Faygo does the right thing and acknowledges the two dudes who have kept them in the business they are in today. I think it's long overdue. Violent J has commented on the subject, saying"We wish they would do a limited edition Faygo pop run with us. Maybe one day, when they get a new CEO, they might change their way of thinking. But whoever's in charge now wants to steer clear of Insane Clown Posse. They consider themselves a family product. I guess they don't make it to throw at each other."

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