Just when you thought that video rental stores were a thing of the past Family Video has embraced the hemp movement.

Video, check.

Soda, check.

Hemp products..what?!?!?!?!

That's right you can rent a video, buy some popcorn and pick up some CBD products at your local video store.

Coffee shops can't compete as well as restaurants in the state of Michigan since local health departments have banned the sale of CBD infused drinks. Yet, retail stores have not been told to stop sales and now Family Video has taken advantage of the rule and started selling CBD products. In fact, Mlive has reported that..

More than 70 Family Video stores in Michigan -- and 250 nationwide -- are now carrying CBD products.

In case you are wondering, CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant that can be used as an alternative remedy for pain relief and anxiety, and is free of the psychoactive effects that come with the THC in marijuana.

Family video has seen a rise in their member ships. In fact Levi Dinkla, president of enterprise development for Highland Ventures Ltd., the parent company of Family Video, told the press...

“There are a lot of people that use CBD to relax, and guess what, that’s what a lot of people use movies for."

CBD is  free of the psychoactive effects that come with the THC in marijuana and you must be 18 to purchase any of the products.

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