Experts say a failing Chinese space station that has been hurtling through space for over a year, could be crashing into "Southern Lower

While MLive says scientists have a better idea now that previously, Britain's Daily Mail says Michigan is a likely target for the eight ton projectile.

In its latest report, the Aerospace Corporation identified northern China, central Italy, northern Spain, the Middle East, New Zealand, Tasmania, South America, southern Africa and northern states in the U.S. as regions with higher chances. An Aerospace graphic shows that parts of southern Lower Michigan fall into the regions listed with the highest probability of debris landing. - MLive

In the report, the US funded Aerospace Corporation's best estimate is the doomed space lab will fall to earth around April 3rd, though their measure of probability is plus or minus one week.

In all likelihood, the space station will disintegrate and be eviscerated while re-entering Earth's atmosphere, but there a small chance some space debris could hurtle down on Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, as Aerospace Corporation has indicated. Chunks of molten metal the size of a 220 pound man or woman could survive the incredible heat of re-entry to the atmosphere. When NASA'a Skylab fell back to Earth in 1979, pieces fell near Perth, Australia. but the Guardian notes, Skylab was much bigger than Tiangong-1.


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