As you know, the Kalamazoo area experienced its first snow over the weekend. Although it didn't stick, it was my first experience with snow as a resident. Now, I've visited places during winter before and yes I have seen snow before but this hit a little differently.

I would love to say I spent my Sunday being productive or exploring Kalamazoo or Portage but that would be a lie. I spent the majority of my day, instead, just staring out the window. Watching the snow gracefully float down to the ground mesmerized me.

To sum up my childlike wonder, here's video footage of what my face looked like for most of the day...


However, I quickly learned that pretty much no one in Michigan shares my feeling of awe and delight. That video has just under 90 comments, most of which came with a'll be over it soon. Here are just a few of the comments...

Whiskey Grandma: Buckle up, Dear! I'm from the Detroit area. You'll be over it by the New Year. 

Brandy: Lol.....You'll be over it in February. 

Mags87: You're adorable. Wait until January when it's negative 5 degrees and it hasn't actually snowed and there's ice everywhere and a lightening storm.

Missy: Don't worry. That look doesn't last long. 

You get the point.

I don't know what it is about people enjoying literally anything that makes others pop up out of nowhere to tell them that they're going to hate it. I was guilty of it in Florida when people enjoyed the heat. And, I'm not surprised that Michiganders are like that with the snow. After all, you've experienced it year after year and are very familiar with the downsides. But, for now, I'll remain in my state of childlike wonder. At least until I end up sliding my car into a ditch.

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