It's that time of the year where the Elf on a Shelf likes to get themselves into a little bit of mischief around the holiday season. Every year various elves are pictured getting into all sorts of trouble around the house, and it seems like we're the ones who need to clean up the mess. It wasn't but three years ago that one elf was the culprit behind one of the most infamous crimes in Kalamazoo history. Of course I'm talking about when Wiggle the Elf was seen speeding back to the North Pole at dangerous speeds. Luckily Officer Kendall was diligent enough to track down, find and arrest the culprit, only to be released later.

Now it seems like on elf is taking its mischief to the next level. The other morning, Beth Cooper and her family woke up to find that their elf on a shelf had gift wrapped the entire living room. Everything from the couch, to the pillows, the television and fireplace. Heck, even the Christmas tree was completely wrapped up. Take a look at the gallery below and see for yourself the damage he caused...

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Elf On A Shelf Gift Wraps Ohio Families' Entire Living Room


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