Planning to have a drink at a normal, boring bar? Nevermore!

A temporary, Edgar Allan Poe-themed speakeasy is coming to Indianapolis in July of this year.

About the Experience

The speakeasy will be open July 14th, 15th, and 16th at The Sanctuary on Penn in Indianapolis.

You'll be able to enjoy themed cocktails and reimagined works of Edgar Allan Poe from actual Poe Historians. It sounds like they're serving 4 different drinks all connected to and inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works.

According to the event's website,

this immersive evening promises to be a chillingly unforgettable experience

Those who want to participate must be 21 or older. As well, the event is ADA-compliant.

Tickets cost $55 per person and can be purchased here.

The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

The work of Edgar Allan Poe definitely isn't for everyone. His poetry is often dark and macabre which may be a bit off-putting for those looking for some happy poems to brighten their day.

Poe was born in Boston in January of 1809 to his parents who were both actors. Unfortunately, they passed away before he had reached the age of 3. However, he was raised by his foster parents, John and Frances Allan, who sent Poe to the best boarding schools and eventually the University of Virginia.

While Poe excelled as a student, he was forced to leave the university after a year due to his gambling debts. He returned to Boston and joined the Army in 1827, the same year he published his first works.

Sadly, he went through life struggling with alcoholism and depression until his life ended in 1849. The listed cause was "acute congestion of the brain" but, later investigations revealed that Poe may have had rabies.

Check out a few more odd facts about Poe below:

While his work is macabre, it certainly speaks to those who may, even at one point in their life, have found themselves wandering in the darkness. Read more about his life and works here.

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