The pandemic has been a really hard time for so many people. Having recovered from it last month, I'm still feeling the mental and physical affects it had on me. This whole month has been challenging and hard. The effects of the long month are beginning to show, and none more so than the team at Duncan Aviation at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. They aviation company recently posted a few pictures of their team working tirelessly through the season, all the way down to their bones in fact:

Duncan Aviation via Facebook
Duncan Aviation via Facebook
Duncan Aviation via Facebook
Duncan Aviation via Facebook

The team comically commented on the pictures saying:

Our Kalamazoo Line Team is working with a skeleton crew today. Safe to say they are bone tired!

People from the Kalamazoo are quickly jumped in with their skeleton jokes:

I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing a coat. Skeletons hate winter because the cold goes right through them.

-Jeff Marlette-

Also let's not forget we're in a pandemic as the Senior Pilot at Duncan Aviation reminded them:

I’m concerned that he isn’t properly masked
-Larry Bartlett-

It's good to know people still have a sense of fun and humor as we prepare to say goodbye to Fall and prepare for the upcoming winter. This is the perfect compliment to all the funny skeletons we've seen around Kalamazoo as part of the Downtown Kalamazoo Skele-tour, which is set to wrap up this Halloween night. So get your bones in while you can.

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