Ever wonder what the letters and symbols mean on top of street signs in Downtown Kalamazoo? Wonder no more.

While having breakfast at the Blue Dolphin in Downtown Kalamazoo last weekend I noticed the letter 'K' above the Burdick Street sign and the letter 'S' over the Cedar Street sign.  I'm not sure how I've never noticed that before.  I asked our waitress, she also had no idea.  Driving around I found a street sign with the letter 'B' on top.  We can safely rule out North, South, East, and West.  So, what's going on here?  It turns out, the letters represent which district of Kalamazoo you're in.  Downtown Kalamazoo is divided into these six districts:

  • Arcadia
  • Bronson Park
  • East End
  • Haymarket
  • Kalamazoo Mall
  • South Town

Downtown Kalamazoo Districts

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I knew about the many Kalamazoo neighborhoods like Vine and Milwood.  However, I did not know about the different districts of Downtown Kalamazoo.  Is this common knowledge and I just missed that day in Kalamazoo History?  Also, why did the downtown area divide into districts and not publish a map showing them?  We may never know.

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