Dowagiac Schools Will Be Closed Today (3/28/2018) is reporting that all Dowagiac Public Schools are closed on today because of two different threats made on Tuesday.

Paul Hartsig, Superintendent of Dowagiac Schools, told that...

 The first threat turned up on a bathroom wall at Dowagiac High School around 10 a.m.

If that wasn't concerning enough, Hartsig continued to explain that...

A threat to "blow up the middle school" was found with Tuesday's date later in the day.

Local police took the threat seriously, and report that they have found a suspect who has admitted to making the threat. But, Dowagiac Schools do not want to take any chances and decided to keep schools closed as a precaution.

The Dowagiac School closing comes on the heels of a 15-year-old who was charged in Juvenile court for threatening Paw Paw High School. According to ...

The teen is charged with making a terrorist threat, two counts of possession of a shortened barrel firearm, possession of stolen firearms, and possession of bomb making materials.

Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott told that...

His office has been talking with staff at the school about signs of a possible school shooting,  and by God’s grace, we were able to take care of it before something bad happened.”

Police and investigators have also stated that parents being vigilant and involved can help save lives.


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