Dolly Parton might be one of the biggest musical stars the world has ever seen. Personally, I'm the biggest Michael Jackson fan I know, and a co-worker lives, eats & breathes everything Prince, but nonetheless, Dolly Parton has star status like no other. Since hitting the scene way back in 1967 with her debut album, Hello, I'm Dolly, she's been at the top of the charts and even more so in the headlines.

Dolly's home state of Tennessee absolutely loves her and after visiting the state for the second time this year and getting over into the Sevierville, White Pidgeon, and Gatlinburg area, you realize they have a lot of love and respect for Dolly as there are tons of shops and attractions made in her honor. Enough about all of that though, because a story about the famous Dolly Parton about her time in little ole Battle Creek during one of her tours in 1977 has emerged, and it's a story to remember.

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Once she popped onto the scene and made her way to stardom, the tours were soon to follow. As many people know artist only make so much money off their music royalties, and much of their wealth comes from endorsement deals, owning businesses, concerts, and tours. Dolly Parton wasted no time in jumping into the concert and tour scene, giving her fans amazing shows to reminisce about for years to come. She came to Michigan and the show she did in Battle Creek may be the most memorable for multiple reasons.

What Graveyard Was She At & Why Did She Get Into A Fight?

Firstly, while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post in the Battle Creek Regional History Museum group that there are pictures of Dolly Parton in the city of Battle Creek. No, these aren't pictures that some captured during the event or screenshots from a recorded version of her performance in the cereal city, but instead real, live action photos of Dolly in Battle Creek, Michigan. One of the pictures being outside of a cemetery on Beckly Road, where she is wearing a combination of plaid and denim.

Secondly, she got into a fight at her show. This isn't uncommon to see an artist have to ward off or defend themselves from a fan. Most of the time its a fan that most call a "groupie", a fan that's just looking to have some fun with the star. Except, this fan was no groupie, well at least of Dolly's. She did want Dolly's man though, and that's what started the scuffle. Dolly has been quoted saying this about the incident:

“A woman who tried to steal my man. She pulled my wig off and almost beat me to death with it. I fought that woman like a wildcat. I had another wig, but I didn’t want another man.”


Dolly Parton is an American icon that will have a long lasting legacy once the time comes, but to be on her level is unreal. I had never heard a song by Dolly Parton before a couple years ago, but I surely knew her name. She's not only a musical genius but also an amazing performer. It's awesome to know she brought her talents to Battle Creek during a tour and got into a fight while she was here.

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