Lassie has nothing on this sweet pup that saved a teenage girls life!

A dog was howling and a girl was saved. The story sounds like an episode straight from the old TV show 'Lassie', but it took place this week in Holland Michigan on Lake Michigan.

The frightening story happened on Idlewood Beach (which is just north of Holland). A 15 year old girl went out on an adventure looking at the ice formations and found herself in trouble. It was her pup that started howling and led rescue workers to her. According to Mlive..

Upon an initial search, officials could see the dog to the west of the beach’s access point. Rescue workers deployed a drone and upon searching the ice formations the female was found at the bottom of a ledge approximately 1,000 feet off shore.

The young lady was not in the water, but was on a shelf in the ice formations. The girl and her dog were both brought to the shore safely and all of the rescue workers were safe as well.

Once again this tale proves why a dog is a man's best friend!

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