An Evansville man may not be alive today without the fast actions of his fury best friend.

We don't cover a lot of stories out of the Southern tip of the Hoosier State.  When we do, the stories are usually dumb criminal stories like "Anti-Masker Caught on Video Dumping Beer on Indiana Bar Employee" or "Indiana Man Gets Stuck in Chimney While Hiding From Police."  This time it's a feel good story that could have had a tragic ending as a fire broke out in the middle of the night last week in a mobile home according to,

Crews responded to the mobile home park on Elk Trail early Thursday morning around 2:30 a.m.  We're told the homeowner was woken up by his dog, who alerted him to the imminent danger.

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Fire Departments from 4 different local townships responded to get the blaze under control.  We are happy to report that there were no injuries in this incident.  The name and breed of the hero has not yet been released.

If you think this story sounds familiar, you're right.  Less than a year ago we brought you the story of a dog reporting a house fire in middle of the night by barking.  This happened in Youngstown, Ohio last April.  You can check out that full story by clicking here.

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