If we're being honest with ourselves, charcuterie boards are basically giant Lunchables for grown-ups. But, they're so delicious, right?

Whether you stack yours with veggies and fruit, meats and honey, almonds, or cheese, charcuterie boards are a crowd favorite served both at home and in restaurants. But, what about your four-legged friends? Shouldn't Fluffy be able to indulge in his very own charcuterie board?

One bar in Kalamazoo says, "Absolutely."

Crafted Copper, a product of Revel and Roll West in Kalamazoo, recently announced that they will be offering dog-friendly charcuterie boards one day a week. It's a part of their Pooches on the Patio event held every Wednesday on their newly constructed patio.

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Dogs and humans alike are invited to socialize on the porch from 4 pm to 9 pm while enjoying craft cocktails (humans only, obviously) and snacks. The PAW-cuterie board, as they've named it, includes:

  • banana chips
  • apples
  • cucumber
  • peanut butter
  • organic chicken jerky

When served, it'll look something like this:


Dog-friendly restaurants, it seems, are always in high demand. In fact, last year (2021) enough people were asking, "Where can I eat with my dog," that I put together a list of spots in the Kalamazoo area that had dog-friendly patios:

While that list may have grown since August of 2021, people often wonder why there aren't even more options for dog owners wanting a night out with their pups. Well, it's against the law. Or, at least, against a regulation.

According to michigan.gov,

Section 6-501.115 of the Michigan Modified Food Code restricts the presence of animals in businesses that sell, prepare or serve food.

This, of course, allows for the exception of service animals.

You could, of course, always make charcuterie boards at home, too. You can see a tutorial for the ULTIMATE (not dog-friendly) charcuterie board below:

*please note: the author of this article is in a relationship with a manager at Crafted Copper. This content is not paid for in any way.*

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