Did you know that the only hydrotherapy facility for dogs with in a 2 hour drive is right here in Kalamazoo?

Dog Dive on Riverview Dr in Kalamazoo is where my fiance' and I take our pitbull mastiff, Juno, for therapy following ACL surgery.  Not only did this process strengthen her muscles and help her get back to normal fast, but she also lost 40 pounds in one year.  By the way, there is nothing on the planet our dog loves more than to go to Dog Dive.

There are 2 reasons I'm telling you this story.

#1 I don't think most people in the Kalamazoo area realize we have this awesome facility right here in our back yard.

#2 Much like many other small, local businesses, Dog Dive is struggling to keep their doors open.

The owners of Dog Dive simply do not have the money to pay their rent, utilities and pool maintenance in order to reopen.  My fiance' created a Go Fund Me page to help these good people out.

The Dog Dive, open since 2016, provides very affordable hydrotherapy and daycare service for dogs in Southwest Michigan.  In fact, your dog doesn't need a vet to recommend this place.  If you just want your dog to burn some energy and have fun in the water, that's cool too according to the Go Fund Me page,

The facility is equipped with a warm water pool (25 x13 x4 ft) that is maintained at a comfortable 84-86 F. This temperature is ideal to increase blood flow and relaxes joints and muscles to allow increased flexion and extension. The non-weight bearing exercise eases pain and aids in recovery after injury or surgery. Canine hydrotherapy is a form of general fitness and pre/post operative recovery for dogs that has been around for many years. Hydrotherapy can be used in many cases. Some being the speedy recovery after surgeries, obesity, to help strengthen and maintain physical conditions or just to help your dog burn off energy!

If you want to help this local business that has made it their mission to help dogs in our area you can donate to this Go Fund Me and share this page to encourage others to help.

I'll leave you with a TikTok of Juno jumping in the pool at Dog Dive.


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