Today, for Dog Days, we're talking about little, baby Michael.

Michael is only 8 weeks old and has a very special birthday. He was born on Christmas Day! He recently arrived at the SPCA of SW Michigan and is now ready for his forever home.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Since he is so young, he has received the majority of his vaccines with the exception of rabies (because he's too young). He's neutered, microchipped, and ready to find a forever home!

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Keep in mind, he's a very young puppy so he'll need training and lots of cuddles. But, since he's still a baby, he should get along with any other animal in the household. If you're ready to make the commitment, Michael would make a great addition to your family! New to training puppies? No worries. The internet is full of tips to help make your training successful. For example:

  • discourage jumping right away
  • say no to nipping and biting
  • end training sessions on a positive note whether that be a treat, lots of pets or a period of playtime.

You can see more tips from

If you have other animals in the home, the SPCA of SW Michigan does recommend a meet and greet before proceeding with the adoption. As well, if you rent you'll need to bring a copy of your lease.

I'm not ready for a puppy. Are there other animals available for adoption?

The answer to that is always, YES! Whether it's because of the pandemic or some other reason, the SPCA of SW Michigan and many other shelters across the country are experiencing a high volume of animals in their shelters.

If you're ready to adopt but aren't ready for the responsibilities that come with a puppy, you can either stop by the SPCA of SW Michigan or see the animals (dogs and cats) available for adoption here.

We feature a new pet in need of adoption from the SPCA of SW Michigan every Thursday at 7:35 am both on-air and on Facebook live as well. Join us next week to see what cutie we feature for Dog Days!

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