Small, sweet, and sassy. Yup, that's Bianca!

This week's Dog Days guest is tiny Bianca. She's what looks like a Siamese mix kitten that was born in foster care. She and her littermates all came to the SPCA of SW Michigan together. But now, Bianca is the last to remain still waiting on that perfect, forever home.

There are a couple of things you should know about Bianca. First, she's a little scared which means she may come off as a little mean. But, I was able to pick her up and she immediately snuggled against my chest (while I awkwardly tried to take a picture):

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Second, she's very chatty. But, that's the stereotype for Siamese cats. It sounds like, if Bianca is part-Siamese, she definitely inherited that trait.

Third, she might not do well around small children. Katie explained that she hissed a few times at smaller children. Again, with her being a little scared, the very energetic and enthusiastic energy of small kids might be too much for her. Otherwise, she is ready to find her new home! If you're interested in adopting Bianca, simply stop by or contact the SPCA of SW Michigan today. You can find their address, hours, and contact information here.

The SPCA of SW Michigan, like many other shelters across the country, is currently at capacity with animals. Even if you're not interested in adopting Bianca, there are plenty of animals currently awaiting their forever homes. See all of the available animals at the SPCA of SW Michigan on their website. That's where you'll also find information on volunteering and fostering, two services that are vital to helping the SPCA of SW Michigan continue to help these homeless animals.

Don't Miss the Pitbull Puppy Pile!

We are just one week away from Roof Sit 2022, an event to help raise funds for Community Healing Center. They're fighting to stop child abuse in Kalamazoo County while also providing support for kids that have faced that kind of nightmare. Hence why events like Roof Sit are so important.

Part of our Roof Sit event is the long-held tradition of the Pitbull Puppy Pile. As a way to raise funds, people give a donation and are then led to a kiddie pool. Once they've sat down, volunteers from the SPCA of SW Michigan will literally pile puppies on them. Seeing full-grown adults squeal with delight at being covered in puppies is always entertaining. And, so darn adorable!

Find more information on Roof Sit 2022 here.

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