The pictures of this pitbull in a tux will turn your frown upside down.

On New Year's Eve, a Michigan couple tied the knot with a very special guest.  OK, I guess Weller the pitbull mix wasn't a guest as he was in the wedding party.  Shane and Amanda Hudson of Hazel Park, Michigan said goodbye to 2021 and hello to the married life with the groom's dog serving as the best man.  Below are a couple of pictures from the bride's Facebook page.

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When Shane was asked by the New York Post if he had any lifelong friends or close relatives that felt slighted by his choice of best man, the groom had this to say,

We are those annoying dog people who post pictures and videos of Weller all over our social media, so Weller has a mini fan base with our friends and family.

Anyone that has ever planned a wedding knows how difficult booking the perfect venue can be.  Now imagine you're attempting to book a wedding venue on New Year's Eve that is also dog friendly.  That is how important this adorable pitty is.  In case you needed more proof that Weller is freakin adorable, enjoy the Facebook video from the groom below.

Side note: Hey Hudson family, my dogs want to know if your dog would be interested in a play date.  Have your humans get in contact with their humans.

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