You can only see this 11 foot tall statue with special diving equipment, or by watching this video.

20 feet below the surface, about 800 feet from the shore of Traverse Bay you'll find this 11 foot tall crucifix.  Check out the 1800 pound Italian statue in the video below.

WZZM answers the question we're all wondering, why is it there?

The statue was first placed in Little Traverse Bay in 1962 and was quite a bit further from shore, in 65 feet of water. It was put there by the Wyandotte-based Superior Marine Divers Club to honor a diver who drowned in Torch Lake.

The crucifix was later rededicated to all of those who have perished at sea. The statue was meant to serve as a dive site that divers could find in Lake Michigan during their explorations under water.

Just when you think you know everything Lake Michigan has to offer, something like this pops up.  Wow!



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