Ray Ray's in Kalamazoo is a staple eating experience that has a large following in the community, and is one of many great local eateries. It just came to light, to myself anyway, that they have an absolutely intimidating food challenge that seems impossible for the regular customer. Recently, they posted photos on their page, beckoning customers to come in and try to take down this meaty test of appetite:

Are you up for the Ray Ray's Challenge!? 3 of our signature sandwiches all put into one 26in French loaf and paired with a pound of fries! We had a contestant that didn't quite make it but he gave it a good shot! We are open regular business hours 11-6! Come on in or place your order through GrubHub or Door dash!
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What's In The Sandwich

The three sandwiches that make up the challenge are a combination of Italian beef, meatball and marinara, and the combo which is two Italian sausage and beef.

What Do You Get If You Finish It?

Your meal becomes free, you get a Ray Ray's T-shirt, and you get a completion photo which is placed in their dining area

Challenge Details

It costs $50 for the challenge and you have one hour to finish it all. All in all, you'll have to eat about 8 lbs of food in 60 minutes. If you can break the record, you get to rename the challenge as well.

Back in 2019, someone actually completed the challenge and documented the meal on YouTube.

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