A recent post on Kalamazoo's Reddit brought up a very valid point: why is it so hard to find a great sandwich in the Kalamazoo area?

The post, which you can see here, was made by u/mommabwoo and reads, in part,

Is Kalamazoo a sandwich desert? I’m not talking a sub shop. I’ve had most of the sub offerings here. I miss going to places like Chadd’s Bistro over on the east side of the state though. They’ve got like 30 sandwiches. Is there just nothing like that over here?

My first reaction to this post was, "Finally! Someone said it!" I've been looking for a go-to sandwich place since I moved to the Kalamazoo area two years ago to no avail. Sure, you can always stop by some of the chain sub shops in town like Jersey Mike's or Jimmy Johns. But, what about a deli sandwich-type place that has multiple options?

Thankfully, the illusion of the "sandwich desert" was able to be, at least slightly, disproven with these 5 recommendations from locals. Check them out and see if you agree:

1. Wally's Subs 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

This was easily the most recommended place on the above-linked Reddit post. Wally's Subs has been in the area since 1983. Their menu features single, double, and triple meat sandwiches along with specialty subs. You can see their full menu, hours, and location here. The only thing I'll add...I generally like to check the social media pages of recommended local businesses before including them on a list like this. After all, a lot of favorites tragically didn't make it through the pandemic and I want to make sure a place is still in business. Wally's doesn't seem to have much of a social media presence but, again, was highly recommended otherwise. If you have to travel far to get there, giving them a call before visiting couldn't hurt.

2. Kazoopy's Pizza and Grinders 

While they're labeled as grinders, Kazoopy's does have a wide variety of sandwiches on their menu. Everything from an Italian, roast beef, turkey, and more. As well, most of their sandwiches come oven-baked which sounds delicious. They have a couple of different locations and do offer delivery depending on where you're located. Find their full menu and more on their website.

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3. City Centre Market & Deli 

Located in downtown Kalamazoo, City Centre Market & Deli is mostly a market. However, they do have a hot bar which is generally themed. According to their website, City Centre samples flavors from Latin America, Asia, Italy, and more. They do have a few sandwich options listed on their website, too. See those options and more here. 

4. Jersey's Giant Subs 

Jersey's Giant Subs has multiple locations across the state of Michigan and uses all Michigan ingredients for their subs. At least, that's according to their website. You'll find the typical deli sandwiches like turkey, ham, salami, and so on. But, they also have menu items like The Beasty and The Boss which have a combination of meats and cheese. Find the location closest to you and see their menu here.

5. Schlotzky's

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Now, this is absolutely a chain restaurant but, the one located in downtown Battle Creek came highly recommended. There, apparently, used to be one in Kalamazoo but it appears to have shut down. Schlotzky's serves turkey sandwiches, smoked turkey sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, pastrami...the list goes on and on. They also have combos where you can snag a drink and a side, too. See everything they have to offer and their locations here.

There were a few more recommendations for sandwich shops outside of the Kalamazoo area but, you can see all of the comments on the original Reddit post.

You can also, of course, make your own deli sandwich at home. Here's a quick video giving instructions on how to create a cheap but tasty sandwich:

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