Decatur family with newborn baby lucky to get out of their burning home in time.  Now, they need our help.

I have personally known this family for many years.  It breaks my heart to see them go through this.

Christa Barron set up a GoFundMe page for her mom, brother and newborn nephew.  She had this to say on the GoFundMe page,

This morning my family awoke to their home in flames. Thank god everyone made it out safely but my mom lost everything. She couldn't afford home owners insurance and has no idea if and how she will be able to rebuild. At this time my mom, little brother and his newborn baby are left with nothing. If you are able to help lift them up with donations so they have some hope in moving forward I would greatly appreciate it. My mom has always helped everyone even when she didn't have it so now am asking for your help to get her back on her feet. And as always prayers are appreciated.  Thank you.

Christa went to tell me that had it not been for the newborn baby crying the family may not have made it out alive.

If you'd like to help Diane Bowman and her family in this tough time please click here.

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