National Compliment Day is January 24th so I want to compliment Kalamazoo on being so awesome.

Everyone loves to receive a compliment and I am betting our great city is no different. makes a very powerful point...

A compliment has a powerful effect. It can instill confidence in a child, or validate someone’s hard work. A compliment not only improves the receiver’s mood, but it also says something about the giver. It tells them you noticed. Whether we recognize someone’s achievement or their classic style, a compliment can go a long way.

So I want to say "Thank You" to our town...

Thank you the light at Gull and Sprinkle road, you are so long that I can apply my eye make up and still have time to text 3 people before you turn green.

Thank you HopCat for bringing awareness to the 'Crack Fry' epidemic.

Thank you Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant for bring back Taco Tuesday's.

Thank you salt trucks for your new distracting green lights, because I need more distractions on the roadways.

Thank you Bell's Brewery for making deviled eggs a paring for an IPA.

Kalamazoo, you have it all and will always be special to many.


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