A billion dollars is a lot of money, more money than really anyone in the world knows what to do with. Often times this money can't be spent in one lifetime and is passed on to take care of families for generations. There are so many ways to become a billionaire, but we see most common professional athletes and business owners. Michigan's richest man is a billionaire and happens to have a combination of these two things to put money in his pockets.

Michigan was one of the states that did have a billionaire on the list and even have a few more that could have made the list somewhere else, but wasn't able to earn enough to make the list to represent the Mitten state. Since Floyd Mayweather, Kate Upton, Terry Crews, Alice Cooper, Verne Troyer, Diana Moss, and more are all Michigan natives, the state is no stranger to large sums of money.

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On Reddit, there was a post made by a user (Dremarious) which shows a detailed list of the wealthiest billionaires in the United States as of September 2022. Granted that list would be longer than some of us would think, they limited it to the wealthiest billionaire in each state. Every state isn't lucky enough to have a billionaire currently living in their state and others most likely have people who would have made the list in another state but were outearned in their current state.

Daniel Gilbert, born in the Detroit area, is the wealthiest billionaire in the state of Michigan. According to his last reported net worth was 51.9 million dollars in March of 2022, although the Reddit post above shows that his last reported net worth in September of 2022 was 18 billion dollars. Gilbert is a prominent figure within the Midwest.

Gilbert is mostly known for the booming business that he is the co-founder of and also the championship-winning NBA team that he owns. Gilbert helped found Rocket mortgage, which helps many Americans afford their homes, he founded a holding company by the name of Rock Ventures and also owns the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charge, and Monsters. The Monsters are Cleveland's American Hockey League team while the Cavaliers and Charge are the city's professional basketball teams.

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