For the second time in a week, thousands of dollars have been found hidden in a public restroom in the same small Ohio town.

Marysville is a small town with less than 26,000 residents that sits about 30 minutes Northwest of Columbus, Ohio.  You've probably never heard of Marysville, as nothing crazy is going down in that sleepy town.  Or is it?  Last weekend an employee of the Avalon movie theatre noticed a man acting a little shifty before walking into the public restroom.  The next day, $25,000 was found in that bathroom. Less than a week later, another $12 grand was found according to ABC 6,

More than $25,000 was found in the restroom at the Avalon Theatre on Saturday, and then, on Thursday night, more than $12,000 was found in the restroom at a KFC restaurant on Delaware Avenue.

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The Marysville police are investigating both rare finds in an effort to figure out who left the money and why.  It is unclear at this time if the two incidents are connected.  However, it's hard to believe that these are two unrelated incidents of people leaving tens of thousands of dollars in public restrooms in Marysville, Ohio.

The cash found in both the KFC and movie theatre bathrooms are in 5, 10, and 100-dollar denominations and is real cash.  Another fun fact, no crime has been committed as far as we know.  It's just weird.


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