Whether you're looking for a night out or just a break from the kitchen, you can easily find a restaurant in Michigan that caters to both. Depending on what kind of meal you're looking for, some choices may be more expensive than others. One popular restaurant in Michigan may surprise you as it was named the most overpriced in the U.S.


America's Most Overpriced Restaurant Has Over 200 Michigan Locations

One factor that may help us decide on where to grab our next meal is pricing. While inflation has affected all businesses, there have been significant price hikes on menu items at our favorite restaurants. Mashed recently released the most expensive and least expensive fast-food chains. While some restaurants have managed not to pass inflation costs onto customers, one chain is now the new most expensive chain in the nation.

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With 244 locations in Michigan, it's easy to find the most expensive fast food chain in the Great Lakes State...Wendy's. According to Mashed:

Wendy's topped the list of fast food chains that would break the bank in 2022. With the restaurant's Baconator burger combo costing more than $12 and a chicken nugget lunch setting you back more than $11, food fans might think twice before swinging through their local Wendy's.


Following right behind Wendy's as the most expensive fast food restaurants are Chic Fila and KFC as the price of chicken has drastically increased over the years. Burger King remains one of the cheaper options as well as Taco Bell. McDonald's remains as a budget friendly option by offering the $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu choices for customers to create an affordable combo meal.

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