Just when you can't think of anything else to add onto the pile of things we just don't need this year, there was a creepy clown sitting yesterday in Flushing, MI. If you recall in 2016, There were creepy clown sightings all over Michigan. Clowns were spotted in Big RapidsBrownstown Township, Cadillac, Clinton Township, Davison, Durand, Flint, Jackson, Lake City, Lapeer, Manistee, Mount MorrisMount PleasantMuskegon, Pontiac, Reed CityRichland - Gull LakeSaginawSouth Haven, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, and Waterford.

Now in 2020 we can add Flushing to that list. On Monday, resident Tim Gasperosky was taking a walk when out of nowhere a clown apparently popped outta' nowhere. He was able to snag this picture and said of his experience," Went for a walk today. He popped out behind the pillar. 2020 is unreal...."

Facebook: Tim Gasperosky
Facebook: Tim Gasperosky

I really hope this doesn't mean we're gonna start seeing more creepy clowns coming back out of the woodwork. Hey, remember when creepy clowns were the worst thing we had to worry about, when they were the worst thing we had to be scared of. Simpler times it was.

Many of the people were critical of the photo:

That's the entire point! You took a picture and posted it. He wins. Stop giving the attention and posting it.


I don't understand the big deal? it's halloween season, I'm not being rude, I just truly don't understand. It's kinda funny lil creepy but funny.

Are you worried that creepy clowns will start wondering our streets again? I guess we'll have to wait and see if it happens...

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