I was reading a Reddit debate about whether Michigan road lane markers (the lines painted on the road) should be brighter.

road lanes
ThinkStock; No photo credit listed. Used by permission.

A poster possibly from the Grand Rapids area started the conversation with

"Maybe it is just me that has this problem but especially when it rains and there is glare from street lamps or other cars it seems like the lines on the road completely disappear."

Others pointed out that snow removal hasn't helped visibility. Reflective tape contains a certain amount of glass beads, and reflectors that were added to the pavement around the turn of the century, have all suffered from being scraped countless times by snow removal equipment.

Speaking from personal experience, driving Sprinkle Road at night in snowy conditions, it's very difficult to follow the road when you can't see it. And then there's the idiots behind you, who honk because they want to drive faster.