This town is like no other and it's not even on the map.

This is Coopers Ville, a hand-crafted town in Lewiston, MI that's made of scrap metal, donated wood, and dedicated to an "Old West" type of feel with a specific focus on the very well-known star, John Wayne.

Think I'm kidding? Take a look:

If You Love John Wayne, This Hand-Built Lewiston Town is a Must See

Coopers Ville, a town that's not actually on a map, will have you feeling like you're back in the Old West. It also serves as a shrine to John Wayne.

As mentioned above, this town isn't exactly on the map. But, in a 2016 article from, Spike Cooper (again, the one who basically built the town) gave his step-by-step directions. Be warned. In the article, they're described as "confusingly country". Cooper was quoted as saying,

Take 72 until you see a party store on the corner, go left. Go down until the road stops, go right. There’s a four-way stop, go left there. Stay on there for 8 miles and you’ll see the sign.

However, the more exact address is 1860 Fire Tower Road in Lewiston. Keep in mind, this is so remote that when I went to check the address on Google Maps, Street View wasn't even an option which leads me to believe that the Google car has yet to drive through that area.

You can find more specific directions and more John Wayne content by following Coopers Ville on Facebook.

A big thank you to Janeille Grady who recently posted these photos in the Facebook group Abandoned, Old, and Interested Places in Michigan and allowed me to use them for this article. This place would certainly make for an interesting stop on your next road trip.

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