Look, we have had trouble with some subjects in school and some of us still have trouble with certain subjects after graduating. I can remember stressing through history and science tests during school or watching others have meltdowns while taking math tests or writing an essay. Nonetheless, we all overcame our struggles and made it through.

Some people go to college, where school gets easier as the material is tailored towards things you are interested in and have knowledge of. There are still pre-requisite courses that everyone must take, and they remind us how hard some things still are. I remember getting into math and science classes in college and STRUGGLING but could write a paper with ease. As you're about to see, everyone isn't this gifted with letters.

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This past weekend the College Football season got started as tons of institutions took the gridiron for their first official contest of the year. One game stood out from the rest and the reason had nothing to do with anything that was done on the field. There was a section of shirtless fans attending the game, they tried to show their school spirit but didn't fact-check themselves, and made a crucial mistake

Spelling is Hard

On Saturday, September 2nd the University of Illinois Fighting Illini took a trip down to Bloomington, Indiana to take on the Indiana University Hoosiers and this game did not disappoint. As fans filled the seats to take in the game, things got rowdy. The Hoosiers would go on to win the game 23-20, giving their fans something to celebrate for the night, but that wasn't the best storyline of the day.

There was a section of shirtless fans in attendance, trying to show their school spirit, but instead proved that spelling is still hard. These fans were from Indiana University and had painted red letters on their torsos to spell out their lovely institution in support during the game against Illinois. The only problem is they misspelled Indiana. As you can see in the Facebook post below, they have too many I's and not enough A's.

I'm not sure where "Indinia" is or how they came to the conclusion that this spelling was correct, maybe they know something we don't know. I do know that Indiana has 2 I's and 2 A's and how I spelled it is the correct way. This group of fans will forever be bonded in a special way and will forever go down in history for their spelling error.

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