Just when you thought she was done touring, Cher is back!

Cher claims claims that she is giving up touring, but just when you thought she was done she is hitting the road again!

Just announced Cher will be at Van Andel Arena on May 8!

The icon recently performed in Detroit with her "Here We Go Again" tour at Little Caesars Arena, the reviews were great! Mlive reported that Cher had some spice to her show...

She told the crowd she's 72, but it's hard to believe it with how great Cher looked and sounded during her 15 song, 90 minute set. "I'm probably the oldest one in here," she told fans during a 15 minute monologue which included stories from her life with shots at Jack Nicholson, George Miller, David Letterman, a casino in Windsor and Nicolas Cage. "I was just about to do a movie with Nicki Cage. I was 40, he was 21 and honestly, I looked better than he did. Just sayin'."

You have to love a lady that looks as amazing as she does and owns it! The show is mix-up her own hits and Abba! This is what you can hopefully look forward too.

  • 1. "Woman's World"
  • 2. "Strong Enough"
  • 3. "All or Nothing"
  • 4. "The Beat Goes On"
  • 5. "I Got You Babe"
  • 6. "Welcome to Burlesque"
  • 7. "Waterloo"
  • 8. "SOS"
  • 9. "Fernando"
  • 10. "After All"
  • 11. "Walking in Memphis"
  • 12. "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
  • 13. "I Found Someone"
  • 14. "If I Could Turn Back Time"
  • 15. "Believe"

What an incredible night May 8th will be!


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