The devastating wildfires in California continue to claim numerous lives and destroy thousands of homes and structures across the state. Since November 8th, the blazes have become the deadliest in California history, burning over 300,000 acres and leaving dozens dead and over 100 people still missing

To put in perspective just how enormous these fires really are, NBC News put together an interactive map that allows you to compare the size of the three California wildfires -- Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire, and Hill Fire -- to the size of any area on a map of the United States.

Here is an image showing the size of Camp Fire, the largest of the three, overlaid on a map of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

Camp Fire size ratio for Battle Creek and Kalamazoo

You can see that the blaze would span nearly the entire stretch of I-94 between the two cities as well as many areas north and south. If you were to put the image directly over the downtown areas of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo it would easily cover both cities and their suburban areas.

Here are a few other overlays around Michigan to put the size of the fire in perspective.

Grand Rapids

Camp Fire size ratio for Grand Rapids


Camp Fire size ratio for Lansing

Mackinac Island

Camp Fire size ratio for Mackinac Island

The cause of the fires remain under investigation, but they reportedly began around the same time and place that two utilities reported some equipment trouble.