A burglar called 911 because he was lost in the woods after breaking into a Grand Traverse County home.

Rarely does something happen in the tiny town of Williamsburg, Michigan that warrants national or even statewide attention.  This small, unincorporated town has around 7,000 total residents.  This crazy story all started when Michigan State Troopers responded to a burglary call on the evening of Wednesday, October 6th according to Fox 2 Detroit,

Police said a woman was watching television when she saw a man who she thought was her husband walk into the room. However, she realized it was not her husband and started screaming, causing her husband to come downstairs and tell the man to leave.

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Law enforcement officers soon found the 43-year-old suspect hiding in his parent's backyard.  However, the man took off before the police officers could talk to him.

We mentioned earlier how few people reside in this small Northern Michigan town.  What Williamsburg lacks in human population, it makes up for with trees.  Lots and lots of trees.  Out of a strange twist, that's what got this suspect caught.  After the alleged burglar fled from his hiding spot in his parent's backyard, he got lost.  In fact, he got so lost he had to call the police for help.

The Michigan State Troopers were able to locate and arrest the suspect.  The alleged criminal with a poor sense of direction will be back in court on October 26th to face the charges of breaking and entering without permission and resisting and obstructing police.

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