Another chain restaurant in west Michigan has shuttered its doors for good. Without warning the Boston Market location in Holland abruptly closed for business, according to the Holland Sentinel.

I must admit the only reason I even knew there was a Boston Market location there in the first place is because it replaced the former Kenny Rogers Roasters that I used to frequent with my grandma as a child. Remember when Kenny Rogers had his own chain of restaurants?!

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Located at 638 E. 16th Street in Holland, I can't say that I'm entirely surprised to hear of the restaurant's closing. After Engage Brands LLC, who also own Pizza Hut and Checkers/Rallys, bought the Boston Market brand in 2020 the company closed nearly 50 of its restaurants in an effort to keep the chain afloat. The Holland location was temporarily closed for a time but reopened in early August 2020.

The most recent post on the Holland location's Facebook page was on Tuesday, July 19 and makes no reference to the restaurant's closing. However, the store is no longer listed on the official Boston Market website.

I knew local mom and pop restaurants were struggling as recent closures here in west Michigan include Café Meli in Portage and Macino's in Marshall, but it only goes to show how much the economy is struggling when even large chain restaurants can't stay afloat.

Of the 14 remaining Boston Market locations in Michigan, the nearest restaurant to the west Michigan area is located in Lansing. Most Boston Markets in the state are located in the Greater Detroit area in places like Livonia, Novi, and Warren.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

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