Here's hoping we can make a difference for this little kitty!

If you know anything about Dana or I, you know that we're all about helping the animals. That's why we feature an animal from the SPCA of SW Michigan every Thursday for Dog Days.

This little baby may not be from the SPCA, but they are in need of a new home.

I was recently tagged in a courtesy Facebook post from the non-profit Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. The non-profit is based in North Carolina but seem to share posts about blind cats across the country who need new homes.

Via Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook Page

While this kitty's name or gender isn't specified, the post went on to say that the cat is about 4 years old, is very sweet, is negative FELV/FIV, is not up to date on shots, but is looking for a forever home.

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The post only gave one form of contact information:

As someone who has zero experience with disabled pets, my first thought revolves around what caring for this animal would look like. However, according to a blog from the site Litter Robot, it's really not that different from owning and caring for a sighted cat. Here are a few tips:

  • Give them noisy cat toys and catnip filled toys so they can be more easily found
  • Add padding, like bubble-wrap, to sharp surfaces at the cat's eye level. At least until they learn the lay of the land.
  • Use a water fountain so the cat has an audible reminder to drink water
  • Take it slow with introducing them to other pets
  • Announce yourself when you enter a room so you don't startle the cat

There's a longer list of do's and don'ts which you can find here. As well, the site also has some great tips about what to be prepared for should your animal become blind or you adopt a blind animal.

Even if all you can do is share this article so we can find this cat a home, that would be greatly appreciated!

If you'd like to stay updated, follow the Facebook post from Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary here.

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