I don't know about you but I took the news of Rock N Roll Donuts closing in Battle Creek hard. Like, probably harder than anyone should for a donut shop.

After only one year of business the owner suddenly decided to retire and the shop was left to sit empty-- until now!

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The property at 1567 Michigan Ave in Battle Creek has changed hands throughout the years but it always seemed to house a donut shop. Originally Dawn's Donuts, then Tom's Donuts, and lastly Rock N Roll Donuts which closed in June of 2022.

Now, we finally know what will fill the space and surprisingly it's not another donut shop!

Coming Soon...

Although it may not be another donut shop, it's not too far off! Blessed Bakery & Deli will soon be bringing their wares Battle Creek area.

Originally located in nearby Nashville, Michigan it seems the bakery recently had a scary close call! On April 23 the bakery shared,

Blessed Bakery & Deli has had to make the heartbreaking decision to close our Nashville store!...This wasn’t any easy decision we love Nashville and we loved being in Nashville and we will miss all of you!

via Vik Bawa/ James Jilek Business Broker, Inc.
via Vik Bawa/
James Jilek Business Broker, Inc.

What Happened?

According to their Facebook page the folks at Blessed Bakery smelled gas in the building. After calling the fire department and Consumers Energy it was determined, "there was not only a leak but high levels of carbon monoxide dangerous levels so due to that and some other miner [sic] details we decided the best thing for our family and employees was to go ahead and close!"

And I don't blame them!

Grand Opening

Blessed is currently moving into their new space and is anticipating being ready for business by the end of July 2023. Expect to enjoy everything from baked goods, to freshly squeezed lemonade, donuts, and an assortment of sweets!

I'm sure it helps that Rock N Roll donuts had recently updated the building and installed new kitchen equipment. Get an inside look at the property below:

Battle Creek's Rock N Roll Donuts Closes

After just over a year in business the owner has decided to retire.

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