It was a sight to be seen, a black bear came visiting to residents in Midland.

A black bear was seen roaming around a neighborhood in Midland Monday morning according to Police first spotted the bear near an elementary school on Monday morning, then the bear found a safe haven in a backyard between a wood pile and fence. Black bears are actually very shy creatures and don't seek out human contact. As police waited for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to arrive spoke to Midland police Sgt. Chris Wenzell who said...

"It's a spectacle because it doesn't happen very often. I can't remember anything like this in my 14, 15 years of being here. We've had rabid coyotes and stuff like that, but when I heard it was a black bear I was like: 'holy smokes.'"

Once the Michigan Department of Natural Resources arrived the bear was tranquilized and most likely taken to a wooded area north of the city.

With so much wildlife coming out of the woods and into our backyards here are somethings to keep you safe.

According to here is what to do if you encounter a bear...

  • Don't panic  - "If you encounter a black bear, consider yourself very lucky. You'll be fortunate because they are shy and timid animals. [Like] any wild animal, black bears need to be respected."
  • Make your presence known - "If you're out walking in the woods and you spot a bear, act like you would with a stranger. You wouldn't run up to a person on the street and hug them, nor would you sprint away screaming. Be calm, stand your ground and talk calmly so the bear knows you're there."
  • Slowly back away - "Slowly wave your arms as you back away. Make no sudden movements and always leave the bear an escape route."
  • Don't run awayRunning away might incite a bear to chase you.
  • If a black attacks, fight backIf the worst happens, and there's a terrible miscommunication, don't play dead when a black bear attacks, but fight back.

Random Things To Remember..

  • Never feed a bear
  • Never take a selfie with a bear

If you ever see a wild animal in a residential area please call your local police and animal control. Never approach the animal yourself.


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